Autumn Report

The last concert in the Summer Programme was held on 27 October and it featured a remarkable young Harpist, Mary Ann Kennedy.  An urban Gael living in the Scottish Highlands, Mary Ann’s whole life has been music. Brought up in a tenement flat full of Gaelic song and classical music on the south side of Glasgow, she is today a Harpist, singer, broadcaster, composer, conductor and producer.

She brought a wide variety of tunes and songs which she presented with great verve. She has a remarkable voice which at times was indistinguishable from the harp and between them voice and harp inspired her to wonderful melodies but also to telling memories of her life, opening a window on her world for us all to enjoy.

Mary Ann visited St Hubert’s in 2017 when we were setting up for an earlier concert. She watched the activity and then quietly said ‘If you would like a concert from I will plan one for next year,’ She explained that her husband Nick had been brought up in Petersfield and on the first visit they made to this area Nick brought her to St Hubert’s and she felt an immediate empathy with the building and its site.

Her generous offer was readily accepted and the upshot was a memorable evening that was enjoyed by a sell-out audience. It will live long in the memory and we are all grateful for all the time and effort Mary Ann expended on providing a wonderful concert.

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