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The last comprehensive refurbishment of the church was over 100 years ago.

Phase 1, commencing in 2023:

  • Repairs to the porch
  • The re-alignment and partial replacement of rainwater gutters to improve their efficiency
    and restore the uniformity of traditional cast iron materials
  • Provision of new surface water drainage system to direct rainwater away from external walls
  • Strengthening of roof framework, a tie beam and wall abutments
  • Some joinery repairs and planned maintenance

Phase 2, planned for 2024:

  • Renewal of heating system appropriate to the conservation of the 14 th Century wall paintings
  • Upgrading of the electrics
  • Possible provision of fibre optic lighting

Phase 3, planned for 2025:

  • Repair/renewal of main windows in the North side of the Nave
  • Repair of the outer North wall of the Nave and Chancel

Phase 4, planned for 2026:

  • Repair and upgrading of the vestry
  • Conservation of the 14 th Century wall paintings


North Wall

East Window

North Wall

Wall Painting

Repair structural connection: North wall to the roof

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